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"I just wanted to let you know that these are the prettiest cards I've seen yet!
I looked at Vista Print, but they don't have much to choose from, and the ones they do have can't come up to these that I've looked at. And I've not got to look at all of them yet, just the ones to help me with my Avon business.
I will pass on the word to the other reps in my district about you all, and hopefully they'll try yours out.
I can't wait to get my cards back so that I can show them to the others, and that way they can see how pretty they are!
I just couldn't pass the lipstick design up, because that's one of the things we sell the most and it's more professional looking than the roses that Vista Print has to offer! I wasn't really happy with the designs, and I thought, "now there has to be more companies offering free business cards than this company!"
So I just started looking for more and I found several, but this is the one I went back to click on after looking at the long list.

So I may just do my ordering from DCP from now on, esp. for my return address labels and other things as well. From what I had to pay for my other cards from a company "Wrap-it Mail" for my piano business (for piano lessons and entertaining, etc.) they were nothing like what you all have! And it almost makes me sick to think that I paid nearly $30 and they're so plain compared to my AVON cards! But I didn't have a computer back then, and I didn't know about all these nice printing companies; however I do now! Keep up the good work! Have a great weekend!"

Kathy H.

"I received the cards yesterday, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did.
Have a great day,"

Nicoletta D.

"Okay ......Everything went thru perfectly!
Thanks again for all your patience and help! I am so happy to get these gorgeous cards!
Be well!"


"I ordered and received business cards from your website about three weeks ago. They looked great and I am pleased. I would like to order another batch of 500 but make one small change."

Christine A.
Austin, Texas

Thank you so much, I appreciate it greatly! You have been awesome with taking care of all the issues that have taken place. I will continue to do business with you and refer to all my friends and family in need of your type of service!
Again, thanks so much!"


Hi from Australia,
my wife and i received today our 250 free business cards , they are the best ever, thank you so much they are so good, we will be in contact with you when we need to reorder, thanks again


The cards came yesterday, just in time for the meeting and I really like them. Thank you. They were worth every penny and came much sooner than expected. THANK YOU.
Best Regards, Margo

The order I got looks great !
So can I order more of the same thing now with some sort of order number like below?
Thank you for the great service and product and I've already recommended you to another associate of mine.
Best Regards,

Dear Liat,
I received the 2nd order of business cards and, again, I thank you very much!! DCP Print is the BEST!!! You have me as a customer for life!!! And, I will refer everyone to you!!


I'm a customer in England who has just received my Business Cards from you & I'm absolutely delighted with them. I will 'DEFIANTLY' use you again & will be passing your details onto friends & family.
Thanks for all your great work
Michele Boase

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