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The four goals of DCP-Print:
Excellent Quality
Maximum client convenience
Fast execution
Comfortable prices

DCP-Print has set itself the ultimate goal of applying innovative digital printing technologies to internet media, so as to attain our four goals. This combination of internet technology and state of art digital printing capabilities enables our clients to automatically design their printed materials online, attaining the four goals in the context of high service quality and very fast production of small and medium sized print jobs at reasonable prices and highest quality.

Client Convenience above all – Analyzing the various stages involved in the print process, we realized that most of the time wasted in the course of preparing a digital print job is the time involved in preparing the job for printing. The client is obliged to come to the printers , where he is often obliged to wait, to approve one proof or more and then return at a later time to receive the work. All this tremendous waste of time and inconvenience could have been saved if the client had designed his own business cards, order or any other print job.

The Solution – DCP-Print has solved this problem by establishing a system that allows you, the client, to almost automatically design the various print jobs that you require.
You can now order you print job directly online.
You can order greeting cards, business calling cards, magnetic logo sheets, etc.
You can choose from thousands of background patterns stored in our system and add the information and text of your personal details.
Moreover, the site allows you to upload print-ready designs taken from other sources – and we will print them.
This method has shortened the time that a client was obliged to waste before he could receive the print job.
All you have to do is send you work to our website. It will be printed on quality papers using high print quality and sent to you.

The Price – Thanks to the time saved and the option of receiving much larger jobs, we are able to provide you – the client – with far lower prices than you have encountered in the past. The price you will pay for our services is lower by up to 70% than the prices you have become accustomed to pay for print jobs in a conventional printers in the past.

Our Target Clients – Our target clients are small and medium business and private market world wide. Our system is flexible enough to handle small and medium jobs of various types and kinds.

DCP-Print is an established company of many years in the field of printing and digital printing. Our website and work methods now enables us to serve you, our client, and maintain the highest standards of printing and delivering your print job to you, and ensuring maximum information security and privacy of your information world-wide.

http://www.dcp-print.com/ is a site of D.C.P. PRINTING LTD , 300 Bar Yehuda Rd. , Haifa, Israel
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