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1. General
Please read these conditions carefully. The site conditions regulate site log-in, rules and purchase.
When you log-in into the site (by entering it) you undertake to obey the site rules and conditions.
DCP-print may make changes in the site, the site or the contents of the site, without any prior notice. The users are advised to read the conditions every time they log-in into the site.

The site contains, graphics, pictures, documents, graphic designs, different types of texts, various software tools, as well as a great deal of information regarding prices, ordering options, etc. This information will hereinafter be termed "content'.
All proprietary rights to the site and its content belong to the DCP company in Israel. It is strictly forbidden to copy, distribute, publish or use the content in any way other than that stated in the present rules and conditions.
DCP-PRINT reserves the rights to add, change or erase any part of the site "content" without prior notice.

2. Using the Site
The site user is entitled to enter and use it and its content for the sole purpose of designing or preparing and ordering print materials that will be produced and printed solely by DCP-PRINT or its sub-contractors or those acting on its behalf.
When a user enters the site, He agrees to behave responsibly in a way that fulfils these terms of service and obeys all the laws of the country of residence.
Any use of the site "content" for illegal purposes, and/or for invading the privacy of a person and/or for pornographic ends and/or for any breach of trade marks and copyright, is strictly prohibited. The user undertakes not to abuse the site in order to create illegal, abusive or pornographic products, or products that may offend public sentiments and/or which contain some content that breaches copy rights and/or trademarks.
DCP-PRINT reserves the right to stop customers who carry out undesirable activities from using the site. The user agrees that he is the sole person responsible for using the content and for the integrating of graphics, texts and pictures .
In the process of creating the printed product, the user undertakes not to include any text with graphics, design, trademarks or any other form of third party proprietary materials in the products, unless he has appropriate authorization from the relevant copy right holders.
By placing an order at this site the user declares that the product does not breach any third party right, including: copy rights, trademarks or privacy, and that he has acquired all the third party rights required in producing the products.
The user declares that he knows and agrees that the shipping conditions of all orders are F.O.B., and the ownership is therefore transferred to the customer immediately following the end of production and shipping, i.e., you the client immediately assumes all risks for delays and/or loss of products once the product is shipped.

Registered Users
DCP-PRINT customers must be aware that they are solely responsible for logging in using their user name and/or their password. DCP-PRINT can't be and will not be responsible for unauthorized entries through the accounts of registered users. Registered users are therefore charged with securing their login name and password. At the same time, if you have identified an unauthorized entry into your accounts, please report this by e-mail to DCP-PRINT, and we will address the problem.

Limitation of Liability
In no case will DCP-PRINT, its vendors or franchise holders, its directors, employees and agents, be liable for accidental indirect damages of any kind, caused by the loss of information and profits, including damages arising from error, virus, delay or disruption of service. In no case will DCP-PRINT be liable for inappropriate or unauthorized use of this site by users.

3. The On-Line Purchasing Process
  (a) When ordering a product or service, you must first decide on the desired product type. At the next stage, you
        may select designs and add texts, as relevant. You will be subsequently asked to type such basic details as
        name, e-mail address, phone number and credit card number. You can register and receive a login name and
        password. Registering provides many advantages. Please take care to record your exact details at the site, for
        otherwise we won't be able to secure your order.
  (b) Immediately following the execution of the DCP-PRINT order, your credit card, information will be processed,
        once the credit card company approves your payment , you will receive a notice that the operation has been
        approved. The order will be recorded in DCP-PRINT'S computers and an e-mail confirming the order will be sent
        to you.
  (c) It is important to emphasize that registering with DCP-PRINT constitutes the user's consent to be included in
        DCP-PRINT'S customer list.
        Those on the list receive direct e-mail from DCP-PRINT . This list will not be transferred or distributed
        to any other information bank.
  (d) The customer's credit card will be charged for the product or service he acquired.
  (e) It will not be possible to cancel a transaction once the credit card has been charged and/or the order sent
        for printing.

4. Product supply/shipping
  (a) DCP-PRINT will supply every product you purchase at the site to any address that you gave us when setting up
        your order or registering, within the stipulated time, according to the type of shipment you chose for your
        order. The times stipulated at the site for the shipping of products/services include business days only ,
        (Monday to Friday, Saturdays and holidays are not counted).
  (b) DCP-PRINT will only supply a product that has been fully paid for with a credit card.
  (c) DCP-PRINT will not be liable for delayed or late delivery and/or non-delivery caused by Force Majeur and/or
        events that are beyond DCP-PRINT's control, including strikes, shutdowns and the like.
  (d) The postal service DCP-PRINT is not liable for postage materials transferred by the various postal authorities
        in various countries and/or the various aerial and overland shipments in different countries, and will not
        be responsible for any damage caused a product and/or a customer owing to failures or omissions by such
  (e) Shipping costs the shipping cost are not included in the product price and may not be considered as part of
        the product price but only an additional cost intended to cover the shipping of the product to the client. For
        the convenience of the client, DCP-PRINT directly charges the client for these costs.
  (f) If for some reason, a defect should be found in the product, DCP-PRINT undertakes to faithfully handle any
        request and claim, and in the event that such claims are found to be justified, DCP-PRINT undertakes to
        compensate the client with a new identical product free of charge. In no event will the compensation exceed
        the cost of the original order.

5. Client Service
  (a) In any question relating to the products presented at our site, or any other problem, we urge you to send an
        e-mail to our customer service at: info@dcp-print.com .

6. Confidentiality of all user information
  (a) You are asked to provide information for the purpose of carrying out the transaction, such as name, address,
        e-mail address, phone number and credit card number.
  (b) DCP-PRINT undertakes not to make any use of the information except from what is said in 6(a) without your
        permission, unless this is required by law or in order to prevent misuse.
  (c) DCP-PRINT will only allow those of its employees that require the information in order to provide service to
        access customer information.
  (d) DCP-PRINT takes all the usual precautions in order to keep, as far as possible, all information in confidence.
        Whenever credit card numbers are transferred for debiting to the banks , it is done through a secure system,
        but in the event of cases beyond its control or arising from force major, DCP-PRINT will not be responsible for
        any type of damage, direct or indirect caused to you or anyone on your behalf, should this information be lost
        or put to unauthorized use.

7. Additional conditions
  (a) All DCP-PRINT proprietary rights, including patents, copyrights, samples, methods and commercial secrets are
        the property of DCP-PRINT only. These rights apply, inter alia, to the DCP-PRINT sites graphic design, the data
        bases included in it (including product records, product descriptions, etc.) the sites computer code and any
        other item associated with its operation.
  (b) It is prohibited to copy, duplicate, distribute, sell, market or translate any information included in the site
        advance (including trademarks, pictures and texts), without the explicit consent of DCP-PRINT given in writing
  (c) No commercial use may be made of any data published by DCP-PRINT, the DCP-PRINT data base, the list of
        products appearing in the site or any other items.
  (d) No use may be made of any data published by DCP-PRINT in order to present them in any internet or other
        service, without receiving the advance written consent of DCP and subject to the conditions of that consent
        (if given).
  (e) The name DCP-PRINT and the site domain name, the logo marks and the trademark DCP-PRINT (whether
        registered or not), DCP-PRINTS name and trademarks are all the property of DCP-PRINT only. No use may be
        made of them without receiving its advance written consent.
  (f) By ordering from DCP-PRINT, you are approving the execution of the print job and the completion of the payment
        for it.
  (g) Be aware that a deviation up to 15% in colors and up to 3 mm in size , may occur between what you saw on
        your computer screen and the actual product.

8. Miscellaneous
  (a) The rules and conditions aforementioned were last updated September 1st.2004 and may be changed by
        DCP-PRINT, at its sole discretion.
  (b) The interpretation and enforcement of these regulations and/or any action or dispute arising from it, will be
        conducted in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel, and will be instituted, if necessary, within
        its courts.

Wishing you a pleasant and enjoyable purchase surfing,

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